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Designing with AI Workshop

In person workshop taught to a class of eleven sophomore level graphic design students. Consisted of one hour the first day and thirty minutes the second day. Some workshop designing was done by the students between classes.

As an introduction to the topic, students were asked to share on an online whiteboard platform (Miro) what AI is to them. Student responses are below.


Workshop Presentation Videos

Introduction to the exercise, codification, and translating to visuals and audio.

Codification Student Example Output_edited_edited.jpg

Codification of Conversation in an AI Context

Students were instructed to use the previously created template and map out the conversations they had recorded and transcribed.

Students were then educated on types of conversation from a lecture given by Paul Pangaro, with examples added relevant to the workshop.

See image for example of student output.

Making it Visual and Auditory: Student Work

I'm very proud of their comprehension and use of affordances.