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With a love for all that breaks the design conventions, I've lately dedicated my time to the journey that is 3D. However, I have a particular interest in the research surrounding the user experience, journey, and all that is interfaced with. Some of the problems I tackle are psychological, some aesthetic or functional.

I'm a lover of things, and have yet to find a facet of design that I don't enjoy diving into.

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Inquisitive, resourceful and customer-minded graphic and web designer with experience creating branded layouts and media for print and web. An eye for detail and persistence to perfect the final product. In-depth understanding of web and graphic industry standards while providing a quality end user experience. Experienced in managing multiple projects at once and working with a team.

Graphic Design Teaching Assistant

August 2021 - current

Assisted professors and students with work, processes, and critiques.
Facilitated new design thinking in students.
Walked through and trained students on how to use programs necessary for work.
Created an open work environment and provided resource recommendations to students.
Provided introductory  graphic design information and challenged preconceived design notions.

Virtual Reality Research Assistant

October 2021 - current

Tackled research problems with vigor, engaged in and facilitated discussion, and created 3D content and spaces for use in Virtual Reality (VR).
Reviewed and analyzed VR community platforms with the intent of creating spaces that embody the aspect of socializing that being physically present creates.
Performed literature reviews consisting of reviewing hundreds of sources within the NCSU libraries, reading literature, creating annotated bibliographies, and condensing information to an intelligible, cohesive format.
Created multiple 3D models using photogrammetry, modelling applications, and 360 imaging of various community spaces.

Managing Editor of AndSo

March 2017 - present

Coordinated, facilitated, and lead meetings about art direction, student outreach, and task/timeline management. 
Designed assets and content related to outreach and final publication.

Freelance Social Media Manager and Digital Media Designer

April 2016 - current

Created physical and digital content for social media. Analyzed data and strategy to meet individual or business goals. Designed and launched websites, with and without virtual stores and products.  
Transitioned management of the content calendar and website to individual or business. Researched and became a subject matter expert in various industries. 
Used Square Space, WordPress, and other website builders to meet budget and design needs.  
Created and maintained landing pages for email campaigns and digital media subscriptions. 
Continuously evaluated web and social media analytics data to determine success of variables in posts and content.  
Identified opportunities for improvement using KPI’s and escalated them when out of budget.  
Created branded or rebranded images and files for ongoing use post-implementation.  
Researched and drafted blog post content and design per industry or targeted audience.  
Assisted customers with organically achieving a social media following of over 10,000.  
Directed and produced video content. Executed a viral video with an engagement rate of 150% relative to follower count.  
Managed advertising on social media, Google, and Amazon with a budget of $25 per running ad.  
Implemented post automation using different tools like Buffer, dependent on budget and need.  
Created and managed online stores using platforms dependent on customer needs.

Digital Marketing Intern

November 2019 – January 2020

Worked on and with the Digital team responsible for email coding, paid advertising, SEO, WordPress management, and social media management for 30+ IT companies.  
Created digital content in Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  
Automated contact forms for customers into one Excel spreadsheet through WordPress.  
Managed social media for companies using HubSpot and OktaPost.  
Optimized website keyword SEO and Google Ads to better target for customers.  
Coded emails in Dreamweaver and proofed for delivery. 
Used Adobe XD to provide website mock-ups on mobile and desktop.

Marketing Assistant

March 2017 - present

Responsible for liaising with an external marketing agency, designing and scheduling monthly emails for use in MailChimp, social media communications, and website and content management.   
Managed internal and external websites and resources. 
Designed paid training and assisted with in-person seminars.  
Improved branding materials for print and display, created a vector logo.  
Provided executive assistance and additional office management.

Certifications: Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Search Certification , HootSuite Social Marketing, Facebook BluePrint Training – Multiple  Certifications, IBM Design Centered Thinking  

Awards and Acknowledgements: Digital Hands - Recognized/Rewarded for High Performance Q4 2016 & Q2 2017, Digital Hands - Customer Excellence “Executive” Award for “above-and-beyond work” in operationalizing SIEM technology through process & training creation, Apple Inc. - Acknowledged for Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Region  

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