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Maranta Power

Curly Hair Care Line Rebrand

Created and branded with a team of four, I was personally responsible for typography and packaging.


Creative Brief for IMC Campaign

Created and branded with a team of six, I was personally responsible for team branding, SEO strategies, and social media brainstorming given the niche content and personal research of the niche.

2020 Digital is an advertising agency dedicated to delivering successful results. As a team, we are focused on helping Dorkaholics reach its goal of becoming well- known in pop culture journalism. We will help Dorkaholics reach its goal by implementing communication strategies across various channels in order to strengthen brand image and increase engagement. These strategies will help Dorkaholics provide the best
content for their audience and expand their reach and influence. 2020 Digital will complete a campaign book, which will include research, communication strategies, and graphics that Dorkaholics can use to improve the way they operate and communicate with their audience.

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